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Trial Number One: Twix Brownies

If you are a Pinterest addict like me, there is no doubt that you have embarked on some project or recipe inspired by some seemingly simple DIY instructions you found on the site, got about half-way through and realized that this project wasn’t intended for someone who wasn’t a professional carpenter or master chef.  And then you become that person.  You know the one I mean–the person that everyone laughs at in the Pinterest fail memes.

funny, funny pictures, funny photos, hilarious, fail, pinterest, 16 Hilarious Pinterest FAILs - Nailed It funny, funny pictures, funny photos, hilarious, fail, pinterest, 16 Hilarious Pinterest FAILs - Nailed It Nailed It! Pinterest fail!

This blog’s purpose is to (hopefully) save you from such a fate.  I plan to periodically post my attempts at Pinterest projects and record any snares or problems I had, and even let you know if the project is worth the effort for just anyone to try, or if it’s one of those “professional supervision and take-over required” things that some idiot presented as being the easiest thing ever.

Without any further delays…onto the Trial of the Twix Brownie!

So last week, I had several members of the college Bible study that I teach mention that I made “world-famous” brownies and they wondered when I would be making more, since school was about to start and all.  And I realized that I actually hadn’t brought in anything for them since June, so I thought, why not?  I had several brownie recipes from Pinterest that I had been dying to try (to clarify, I have an entire board dedicated to nothing but brownies).  That’s when I saw the caramel and chocolate wonder of Twix Brownies.

Twix Brownies, as pictured on the blog, “Two Peas and Their Pod”.

The original Pinterest post came from the blog, “Two Peas and Their Pod”, and calls for made-from-scratch brownies and adding in Twix candies (view the original recipe here.)  I love my college group and all, but they aren’t getting made-from-scratch brownies from me.  So, lazy little me used boxed brownie mix instead and added the caramel and Twix like the recipe called for.  While dressing up a brownie recipe is hardly history changing, I learned some important things along the way with this particular post.

First of all, to get incredibly moist brownies, I always use warm water in the mix.  I don’t know why it works different, but it does.  Pass it on to brownie lovers everywhere.

Second, the recipe calls for caramel ice cream sundae topping.  I was at Wal*Mart (because I live in the South and that’s the only store that seems to have everything you need, served with a heaping side of attitude and sass as a bonus) and found that they had, like, ten different versions of the same caramel sauce.  Some in jars for a small fortune, some in plastic bottles for not nearly as much…I really like the Smucker’s brand of caramel in the jar, but, being the mostly broke college grad that I am, I chose one of the cheapest–the bottle of Hershey’s caramel syrup.  I thought it would work the same.  It doesn’t.  The Hershey’s syrup is way too thin and watery to marble right on the top of the brownie batter–it just sort of oozed over the whole thing.  Then when you bake it, the stuff just evaporates away and becomes a very light glaze that is mostly unnoticed.  I even added more just before I took the pan out of the oven, but most of it still evaporated.  The lesson here?  Invest in the good stuff.  You’ll be happier with the results, even if your wallet is a bit more empty.

The other thing that I learned is that there was no great time to take these things out of the pan.  I was in a hurry to make it to the church in time to prepare for our Bible study, so I tried traying up the brownies shortly after I had removed them from the oven.  Not the best notion.  The brownies stuck to the knife and spatula I was trying to use and began to sort of fall apart where the Twix candies had made a pocket of gooey caramel and chocolate.  So about half-way through the pan, I decided to wait. Not even five minutes later, every bit of caramel had turned to cement on my pan (and, yes, I did use cooking spray) so they still fell apart.  I think I was better off taking them out first thing… Next time, I want to try using foil to line the pan so that I can just pull them out and cut them as they cool.  That might work…

Twix brownies

My attempt at Twix Brownies. I used Pilsbury’s Fudge Brownie Mix (the Family size one for a 9″x13″ pan), 2 King-sized Twix bars chopped, and Hershey’s Caramel Sundae topping for the caramel swirls on top that no one can see or taste.

Anyways, here is a photo of what my finished brownies looked like.  Nobody else seemed to really care that they were so warm and moist that they fell apart on the tray.  The cookie part of the Twix adds a little crunch to the whole thing, and the caramel and chocolate stayed nice and gooey.  I think this one is tried and true, even if there were a couple of snags.

  • Level of ability required?  Beginner+ (If you can make a box brownie mix, you got this!)
  • Time needed?  app. 1 hour
  • Crowd pleaser?  YES!



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