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Hi! My name is Jessi and I am a Pinterest addict. As a freelance artist and the proud owner of my own mountain of student loans, I love finding ways to save money with DIY projects, easy recipes that make everyone believe that I’m a gourmet cook (in spite of the fact that I have set toast on fire…more than once), and fashion hacks that save me lots of money yet require little to no sewing.  A lot of my friends tell me their horror stories of their attempts at Pinterest-inspired projects and how much more difficult the process was compared to the simple tutorial they pinned.  Just as many pin tons of ideas to their boards but hesitate to ever attempt them because they’d hate to waste the money on materials/ingredients only to find that they aren’t happy with the outcome.  I hope that this blog will serve to help others like my friends have confidence in trying something new after seeing someone else’s struggle to figure it out.


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